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4.5 inch (115mm) Magnabrite

115mm (4.5 inch) Magnabrite magnifier, for viewing documents, 8” x 10” film, blueprints, maps and other large applications. Will allow viewing of most newspaper columns.

Magnabrite - 115 mm (4.5") Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnafier with Round Walnut Base

115mm Magnabrite w/ round walnut base 


2.5" Magnabrite 2" Magnabrite 3.5" Magnabrite Magnabrite - 115mm Light Gathering Magnabrite


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Name Extras Price Purchase
4.5 inch (115mm) Magnabrite Protective Drawstring Pouch $139.45


4.5 inch (115mm) Magnabrite Round, Walnut Base and Protective Drawstring Pouch $164.45



Laser Engraving Available!

Let us engrave your logo and two lines of text on the Magnabrite. Imagine the lasting impression you can make on your key customers with this unique and practical gift that is sure to be used for years to come. Click here for more details.